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Captain Chris Devito

Cowboy Fishing

The Saltwater Cowboy offers the best private fishing charter experience on the two forks. We utilize our location to make quick runs to fish the Peconic, Shinnecock, and Gardiner’s bay as well as offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

Born and raised on the water, captain Chris creates a curated experience for anglers of all levels utilizing the best equipment available.

We run a Parker 2501 center console that will get you to the fishing grounds Safely, Comfortable, and dry.

East End Fishing

The Seasons

Spring (April-June)

The spring run on the east end of long island can be some of the best fishing available in the region. We target Striped Bass and monster Bluefish as they migrate north.

Summer (June – August)

Once things start heating up and the water temperature raises, the Striped Bass will continue too move east and we’ll start targeting fluke, seabass, and some Weakfish if we’re lucky! Plenty of bluefish still to be had!

Offshore, the Yellowfin Tuna start making their way in close around the end of June/Early July. We’ll make a quick ~30 mile run for great days trolling, popping, and jigging up some fish up to 150 pounds!

Fall (September – November)

Fall on the east end of long island are what fishing dreams are made of! All of those migratory Striped Bass have spent their summer up north in cooler water growing, and will be passing right by us as they make their way down the coast, Hungry and Big! It’s not unusual to encounter multiple 40 pound fish in a morning feed in on adult size bunker, really a blast!

Winter (November – December)

By this point, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. But it’s time for Blackfish season! Some of the best tasting fish in the ocean, these bottom dwelling monsters will give you a fight!

We’ll pull the boat out at the end of the season for some good R&R, getting ready for the next season!

Now booking for the 2024 season

Lock your dates in for an unforgettable day of fishing